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Christmas Wish List / Open Letter to Santa

 December 15, 2011

Dear Santa,

What I want for Christmas is a better world. I want greed, consumerism and the unrelenting devotion to climbing to the top of the pyramid to be replaced with cooperation, collaboration, and focus on our long term. I’d like corporations to be fundamentally structured for accountability and benefit to their workers, to their customers, to the overall effects of their operation.

I want war and hate to be replaced with respect and diversity. I want everyone to have the basics of life and a fair chance to grow beyond it. I’d like corporate media to hold an expectation of fairness before they label themselves as “News”. What I want for Christmas is an end to the political drama routine. I want to know that in a hundred years the rivers won’t be poisonous; that they will still be flowing for my grandchildren’s grandchildren to play in.

That’s probably a lot to ask Santa, so I guess I should just ask for something that might help me get all those things. What I really need for Christmas is a regime change. Not yet another round of rhetoric and politicians changing chairs, but to put me, as a citizen, in charge. I want democracy. I want this promised republic to be actually controlled by us, the People.

If I get this for Christmas, I’ll share it with everyone. I’ll share it equally too, but you’ll have to give me enough democracy to go around! With this Christmas present, I may never need to beg you for another toy or tool or to fix all of the problems beyond my reach, as benevolent as you’ve been so far.

Thanks in advance Santa!
Grand Rapids Occupiers


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